Users can print from computers within the labs or wirelessly from their own computers.

Users can print in color or black & white, from any smartphone or personal computer by visiting mobileprint. Users can print in color or black & white, from any smartphone or personal computer by.

In the lower left Payment Method box, there is a link to Add Funds.


fc-falcon">Follow-You-Color Printing. . class=" fc-falcon">Color: 15¢/page.

Look up campus computer lab and printer locations; Use the Wēpa cloud-based printing solution to print and pay from your mobile device; Printing projects (posters, binding, duplication & more) Create an impressive class project, print and bind your thesis, or make quick copies at Triton Print copy centers.

00 per trimester in a separate Print fund that can only be used for printing. Service. The Follow-You-Color print queue offers Color printing from campus Lab Computers and can be selected from the available list of printers.

12/duplex (up to 166 pages/semester) How do I print from my laptop? To print wirelessly from your laptop, you will need to install the PaperCut Mobility Print app. CCI Printing provides more than 70 print stations across campus that are available for use by UNC students, faculty and staff.

The price for black-and-white printing is 11 cents per sheet regardless if the printing is single-sided or double-sided.


B&W and color printing is available throughout the Library. .

Service. .

In the print dialog box, select the printer CampusPrinting.
Through the Radboud University printing system, students and employees are able to print, scan, and copy anywhere on campus, regardless of the faculty at which they study or work.

There are many printers scattered around campus, available to be used.

PaperCut Mobility Print Setup.

Find your print job on the screen, click Release. Color printing for students is available in Irwin Library or Campus Impressions. Color printing costs 50 cents per page (deducted from your PrintBucks account).

The cost for color printing is $0. . Description Printing Dollars can be added within the PawPrint Center. This partnership will bring many improvements to student printing on campus, including. class=" fc-falcon">Color: 15¢/page. Pitt Print enables students to send print jobs from any location to Pitt Print Stations (Pharos) located in/outside all Student Computing Labs, campus residence halls, and other locations across the Pittsburgh campus.

UNCW gives students an allotted amount of free prints each semester and color copies are also available.

. Enjoy below market rates for all printing.

fc-falcon">Color: 15¢/page.

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There are three types of printing at NDSU.

A quota of 300 pages per semester is provided.