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There is.

Best way to beat an ainz comp is to lose to it. .

Im excited to see what u come up with.

You can do either Tasi or Tidus for the last spot (besides rowan and lyca) depending on the opponents team.

This is a tier list for furniture items added to the Oak Inn feature. Another option is to play them with Zolrath, Lyca, Eironn or Lorsan if Ainz is in the corner. He creates explosions causing enemies burn damage, creates a shock wave that temporarily silences the enemies' ultimates, and enrages his teammates.

Ezio is a crossover hero with Assassin's.

Silas jumps beside his weakest ally and injects them with a powerful substance which increases their Attack Rating by 50% and causes them to become immune to all damage for 8 seconds. All information regarding the new Graveborn healer – Silas. Athalia + Lorsan + something hitting the linked front row opponent.

Each hero is rated based on their performance in different types of content. Often the first one, 100% the second one.

edit: I've just realized Awakened Ezizh will likely be used as a hard counter to regular Ezizh in PvP.

I used on stage 19 ABrutus, merlin, scarlet,mulan, albedo with owl Avthane, Sonja, palmer, estrilda, raine talismane A Belinda, rowan, haelus, twins, ezizh seal.

. edit: I've just realized Awakened Ezizh will likely be used as a hard counter to regular Ezizh in PvP.

. This is our AFK Arena tier list.

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Ezizh + Rowan + Twins + Saurus + Rosa.



. . 3)Lucretia+alna+twins+rowan+ezizh.

Mar 9, 2022 · Lord of Nightmares Ezizh is AFK Arena’s latest character and is the upgraded and more awesome version of the strength Hypogean hero, Hellbound Ezizh. The default list order. Ezizh produces a Nightmare Shockwave that deals damage equal to 280% of his Attack Rating to all enemies, rendering their Ultimate skills unusable for 2 seconds. It really depends on the team. .

Lyca – coming soon.

Nara. Nara.


Numisu is incredibly underrated in his utility healing and disruption whilst Tidus provides significant damage and additional disruption as well.


Ezizh launches an ungodly shockwave towards all of his enemies that inflicts 160% damage upon them, rendering them unable to cast their ultimate abilities for 3 seconds.

The default list order is by how strong they are in PvE, as this is the main game mode for the majority of players.